Still Warm in Singapore.

Still Warm is now available at a beautiful little book store in Singapore called Books Actually. Advertisements

Still Warm sitting on a crate.

Still Warm egg carton stand built earlier today as a display stand for Each Peach café.

Still Warm Exhibited

Our cover images, photographed by Lauren Olney, were recently exhibited at Hogan Gallery, Melbourne, as part of the Don’t Give Up Your Day Job exhibition. Work by Still Warm contributors Lauren Olney, Jessie Ngaio, Hannah and Frankie were also on exhibit.

Childhood Innocence

Just thought I’d share this story as it is in keeping with the latest issue of Still Warm and our theme of childhood: I was recently camping in a National Park in the States. I was gazing at a noticeboard looking for information about firewood, when a little girl on a pink bike pulls up … Continue reading

So What’s Still Warm Like?

Read the review from Syndicated Zine Reviews.

Still Warm for sale

Still Warm Gets Around

Still Warm is for sale at Quimbys, Chicago! That’s it on the shelf! International-like. We also have copies at Pilot Books and Elliott Bay Book Company, Seattle. Needles and Pens, San Francisco.

Dodgeball shoot

Lauren Olney’s photographs for SW Issue 1’s feature story about childhood games, portray a poor, battered victim of Dodgeball. The pictures that couldn’t make it into the issue are too good to be simply forgotten, so thanks to the wonders of the internet we can show them here.

Mia Van Den Berg’s colouring skills.

Due to budget issues, we were only able to print Mia Van Den Berg’s colouring of Frankie’s illustration in black and white. We felt terrible because the colours were so pretty and she’s our youngest contributor (she’s only 7),  so click the close up above to see it in full technicolor!

Don’t Be Precious: M’s interview

Listen to the rest of the interview with Anatomical Pathology Technician, M.

Fucking Around – East Keilor Railway Bridge

“He drove me there, all the way out to the burbs. East Keilor – a part of town I’d never been to. We parked and he lead me through to this lookout and then I saw…this railway bridge just stretching across the valley. He was telling me stories of kids shooting at him and his … Continue reading